Prom Ambassador Info

Who can apply?

We invite High School Junior and Senior ladies from all over the state of Arizona to apply.  IF YOU WERE A PROM AMBASSADOR LAST YEAR - YOU MAY RE-APPLY!!

As with all of our Contests, Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, TV Segments and more - Glam Squad Clients receive first consideration.  If you're not a client yet, we'd love to have you join  our client family. 

What is an Ambassador?

Ladies selected to be our Prom Ambassadors represent Glam Squad at their High School.   More information will be given once you're selected, but we'll show you how you can earn $$ off of your 2020 prom dress just by sending your friends to Glam Squad to get their gowns! 

Social Media

Why did we need your social media usernames??  All Ambassadors MUST have an active account that is public.  Another way to earn points ($$) is by posting on all Social Media forums regularly.  Having a large number of followers on Social Media definitely has an advantage in being selected. 

Photo Shoots!

In early Spring 2020, we will be hosting a Prom Ambassador Photo Shoot at a local resort.  If selected, you'll be modeling and be photographed in the newest prom styles from all of our favorite Designers.  The amazing Lisa Schaaf with PG Photography will be returning for our shoot this year!

TV, Fashion Shows and more!

If Glam Squad plans a Spring Fashion Show in 2020, our Prom Ambassadors will all be invited to model.  We also like to show the latest styles for prom on local TV stations in the Spring . We LOVE showcasing our Prom Ambassadors for these segments. 

What's the process?

(1) Apply

(2) We will be accepting applications through November 20, 2019.

(3) Winners will be announced Dec. 1, 2019!!!

(4) Prom Ambassador photo shoot date will be announced.


Glam Squad Couture


PG Photography

The talented, Lisa Schaaf with PG Photography will once again be joining us capture the beauty!

The talented Lisa Schaaf with PG Photography will once again be joining us to capture all of the fun and beauty at the AZ Grand Resort.

Kensington Makeup


We are thrilled to have makeup artists from Kensington Makeup to join us for our photo shoot to have our Prom Ambassadors looking their absolute best!